For aspiring dancers ages 6 & UP

Our syllabus is designed to teach each dancer the proper dance class manners and techniques to be a successful student. Classes include basic dance vocabulary as well as exercises that develop strength coordination and flexibility. Musicality and expressive dance are emphasized


Ages 7 & Up

Tuesday: 6:45-7:45

Our Primary syllabus is specifically designed to prepare students for the requirements of A Ballet within our pre-professional school. Classes include basic ballet vocabulary as well as exercises, which develop strength, coordination and flexibility. Musicality and expressive dance are emphasized throughout the class. Prior ballet experience is not required. Each class is 1 hour long.



Thursday: 5:45-6:45

For children ages 7 and up and interested in continuing with Ballet once a week. Students will receive the same quality teaching as Pre-Professional division in learning the proper technique of ballet. Each class is 1 hour long.


Beginner/Intermediate Jazz

Monday 5:45-6:30 

Intermediate/Advanced Jazz

Wednesday - 4:15-5:00 

Advanced Jazz

Wednesday - 7:15-8:00 

Dancers will learn the fundamentals and proper jazz techniques such as isolations of the body, learning performance quality and rhythms and patterns which progress with age and ability. Dancers will be exposed to a variety of jazz styles such as Broadway, Street, and Contemporary to help develop a well-rounded dancer.


Beginner/Intermediate Tap - Ages 7 & up

Monday: 7:15-8:00

Intermediate/Advanced Tap - Ages 11 & up 

Wednesday: 5:45-6:30

Classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knees and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement which will progress with age and ability. Dancers will learn a variety of tap styles including Broadway to Rhythm Tap.


Beginner/Intermediate Lyrical/Contemporary

Ages 7 & up - Monday: 5:00-5:45

Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary

Ages 9 & up - Wednesday: 5:00-5:45

Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary

Ages 11 & up - Wednesday: 6:30-7:15

Teaching dancers a more expressive style of dance to connect the mind and body. This type of dance combines many genres including modern, jazz, and classical ballet.


Ages 11 & Up

Monday: 6:30-7:15

This is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking within age-appropriate movements. This class will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality through dance.


* Please purchase dance items at a reputable dance store such as Stage Center in Akron or Dancers Pointe in Stow. Target or other stores do not sell quality dance products.


  • Ballet Girls wear black leotards, pink tights and pink ballet shoes Colored leotards and skirts may be worn in the last class of each month.
  • Ballet Boys wear white or black dance shirts, black men’s leggings, white socks and black canvas spilt sole shoes.
  • Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop Girls dancers wear colored leotards or form-fitting dance shirts (no bare midriffs), black jazz pants, leggings or capris.
  • Tap, Jazz Hip-Hop Boys dancers wear form-fitting dance shirts and black jazz pants or leggings.
  • Contemporary Girl dancers wear pink or nude convertible tights or footless tights
  • Contemporary Boy dancers wear Black footless leggings.
  • Jazz: Tan jazz shoes
  • Tap: Black tap shoes
  • Contemporary: Barefoot but may wear foot thongs or ballet shoes to protect the ball the foot. No dance socks.
  • Hip-Hop: Dance sneakers that are not to be worn outside

"Excellent studio for dancers of all ages. I have seen tremendous growth in my daughter since she has been attending the studio. We started at the studio when she was in Kindergarten and she is now in 7th grade. The dance instructors are both well trained and caring."


Ages 7 & up


Ages 3 - 6