“This summer was my granddaughter’s first time in dance and she absolutely had a truly wonderful time at the Princess and Frozen Dance Camps. She enjoyed Miss Carolyn’s teaching!” 

K. Grams

“First of all, I have to start off by stating I absolutely love Ms. Mia.

When my son started at Nan Klinger Excellence in Dance he was I think about the age 11 or 12.

Being a single parent working long hours, I had many concerns for my young African American son starting ballet classes at Excellence in Dance. But after speaking with and meeting Ms. Mia, I knew she was about business and was only here for the children. Being a dance parent at EID, does require volunteering and much participation from parents, at many times I have not been available to do and my son’s father did help out. But after being part of the EID family going on 4 years, I have to say I have had ups and downs. Example like getting my son to and from performances and dance classes. But the EID family has helped me in picking up my son transporting him to performances, and I will also have to say growing to love my son and take good care of him times I have not been available and times I have been available. EID has given my son opportunities to experience things that I believe if he was at any other dance studio he might not of had that chance.  Being under the greatest dance teachers in Akron, Oh. My son has attended dance intensives in the summer at full, or half paid scholarships at Chautauqua dance school in New York in 2018, and Houston Ballet Academy in 2019, and was accepted at Chautauqua with a full scholarship in 2020.  If you are a parent looking for a dance studio for your child or trying to make a final decision, choose EID, I think you will be pleased with your decision, especially if your child is serious about dance, or if they just want to give ballet/dance a try.  Hope EID is a great experience and opportunity for your family and children like it has been for mine.”

Angelita Hampton

- Mother of EID student 

“Excellence in Dance came highly recommended to us by several families for its practice and teaching of true ballet form. In this our fifth year, we have always been delighted by the school’s highly trained and experienced staff that work to procure dancers of class and talent. This studio truly exudes “excellence” in dance!”

Mrs. Jody Frank

- Mother of EID student Lauren

“Our daughter Lucina began ballet classes at Excellence In Dance just after her third birthday and now, at age five, she is in her third year. We chose Excellence In Dance for its respected reputation, and our expectations have been exceeded from Lucina’s very first day of class. Our dancer looks forward to her class each week, and is always eager to practice at home as well. Each of Lucina’s instructors has been positive, encouraging and exceptionally talented. We have see Lucina’s confidence grow as she acquires new skills, makes new friends and performs on stage. The annual recital is the highlight of our year, and we love to see our daughter’s excitement and pride as she performs with her class and enjoys the audience's reactions. Our entire experience with Excellence In Dance has been wonderful, and we hope to see Lucina’s participation in ballet continue through the years.”

Carrie and Ben Vaughan

- Parents of EID student Lucina

I did the due diligence in seeking only the best the community has to offer. I contacted the studio, and observed the teaching style and finally found “home” for my daughter’s passion. Dance was now a 25-minute drive from our home but very much worth the extra mileage. The discipline, work ethics, classical method of teaching and the professional environment that aimed to mold young ladies/lads into well-rounded individuals and excellent dancers, (in this order), was what the school (Excellence In Dance) offered. The holistic approach and vision of EID/CVYB appealed to us.  The students who move on to EID’s dance company (CVYB), a group that embraced founder Nan Klinger’s philosophy even further, learn to value the minutest attention to detail: every tondue, jete, plie and elonge, so earnestly displayed by each dance member; stretching that neck just a centimeter more, arching that foot as humanly possible and giving 101% at the barre, dance floor or stage, it didn’t matter where, one always gave her/his best and mediocrity certainly did not have a place in the CVYB studio. I am convinced this was not just to please Miss Mia, artistic director and Head Ballet instructor. They did this for themselves as well. The dancers at CVYB have somehow developed a sense of reverent self-worth, a sense of responsibility to push themselves on their own, always and to the fullest.”

Mrs. Gina Poblete

- Mother of EID students Cara and Christianna

“A complete life instruction delivered with grace and professionalism. An amazing journey in our daughter’s life!”

Mrs. Stephanie Lallement

- Mother of EID student Llyona*

* Denotes members of Ballet Excel Ohio formerly Cuyahoga Valley Youth Ballet

My daughter has only been attending classes at Nan Klinger Excellence in Dance for a few months but she is enjoying every minute of her dance journey here.  She is surrounded by instructors who offer her support, encouragement, and patience.  This makes a wonderful environment to learn and my daughter's technique is improving in such a short period of time.  She loves her classes and is highly motivated to continue her dance journey with her instructors helping her every step of the way.


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" Thursday is my favorite day of the week, especially during the school season. After picking up my granddaughter we go to her private with Miss Mia. This is the second year I’ve had the privilege to sit in and see her grow in technique and confidence. From pre-school to 6th grade, I’m just one of many who makes sure she gets to classes, as schedules sometimes clash with parent work times. When the annual Workshop rolls around, all those kids light up the stage.

Thanks to all the administrators, teachers, parents, dancers – past and present – for such dedication and devotion."

Kerry Callahan Coughlin

Nan Klinger Dance Logo - Full Color-transparent

"My daughter loves ballet because of EID! She began at 3 years old and has continued over the past 8.5 years loving each day she spends at EID. She has exceptional teachers that help her develop and grow as a dancer. There is no better place to learn ballet than Excellence In Dance. I highly recommend this studio to anyone!"

Sara Seid Blankenship