Dress Code

Dress Code for Excellence in Dance


  • Pre-School level dancers should wear their hair in pigtails.
  • All other dancers should wear their hair in a classical bun.
  • Professional school dancers may not wear bangs.
  • Short hair may be pulled back with an elastic headband.
  • Jazz, tap and hip-hop dancers may wear their hair in ponytails.
  • Boys hair trimmed neatly away from face and collar.


  • Ballet Community School Girls are to wear black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Colored leotards and skirts may be worn the last class of each month ONLY.
  • Pre-Professional School Girls wear color appropriate leotards of current class level or black leotard. During make-up classes you are to wear the leotard color of YOUR current class level, not the class you are making-up in. Pink tights and ballet shoes(see below). Dancers may wear skirts in center work only. Pointe classes may wear colored leotards. The class level leotard colors are as follows
  • AI – Light Pink
  • AII – Light Blue
  • BI – Light Purple
  • BII – Mint Green
  • CI – Dark Green
  • CII – Navy
  • D – Burgundy
  • Jazz, tap and hip-hop girls may wear colored leotards or formfitting dance shirts (no bare midriffs), black jazz pants or Capris.
  • Boys wear white or black dance shirts, black tights, white socks and black CANVAS ONLY shoes.
  • Jazz, tap and hip-hop boys may wear solid color dance shirt and black jazz pants or sweatpants.


  • Ballet: AI, AII, BI, BII – black canvas
    CI, CII, D – pink leather ballet shoes
  • Community School Ballet: pink leather ballet shoes
  • Tap: black tap shoes
  • Hip-hop: black dance sneakers


  • No jewelry except for small stud earrings pierced in bottom of ear lobes. No hoop or dangle earrings. No multiple piercing or body piercing to be worn in classes.